A twenty year love affair with horses has brought Isinglass Equestrian Center to Isinglass Estate.  Our ten stall stable and jumping arena serve our Hunter/Jumper Team as we train and compete year-round on the "A" horse show circuit.  Our horses and ponies have won countless championships in Kentucky, Florida, Colorado, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma. Competition focuses our efforts, but the real program is about the qualities of hard work, patience, sensitivity and perseverance which horses develop in their riders.  Retired competition horses enjoy their new roles as Isinglass trail horses, customer relations experts, and beloved "pasture ornaments".     

Lucky Queen of Isinglass supervises at Maffitt Lake Show grounds.
"Rafa" races to a gold medal finish in the 2014 1.15m regional jumper finals.
Isinglass Ginger Spice is the world's best children's pony. Priceless.
Isinglass Ginger Spice scores 82 points at National Pony Finals in 2011.
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New Horses!
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Harold's Lake
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Harold's Lake