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Jul 30, 2017

Giving Back


I am the first person to advocate for self reliance. I don't believe much in luck, but rather prefer preparation, hard work, straight-up stubbornness, and creative thinking. I believe that we should first own our problems, and then solve them ourselves. So why give back?


Because it's who I am. Or perhaps rather who I want to be; who I might someday become; who I want my children to think I am. I give back because I want kindness and generosity to be my nature. And practice makes perfect, right?


Because along the way, others have helped me. No one did the work for me, mind you- but people were kind, people shared their wisdom, people encouraged me, and people cheered me on.


Because I can. And therefore I should. Also- it doesn't suck to be the good guy.


And because life is what you make it. I want my life to be happy, grateful and zen. If I can put those things into the world by helping someone else, then that is the world I will get to live in.


As the founders and operators of Canterbury Schools for the last 15 years, Brandon and I gave back over a half million dollars to children in need and programs to support families. Now as the owners of Isinglass Estate, we have a whole new set of opportunities to support our community. And it turns out- wine seems to help a lot of projects. Please don't misunderstand, we know that alcohol can be it's own worst enemy, but it also brings people together, helps us to celebrate each other and makes life richer for many.


Already Isinglass has donated cases of wine, dozens of free tastings, overnight stays in our cottages, and horseback rides to lots of causes- big and small. And we are just getting started. We have the facilities, the products, and the heart to do so much more.


So let's start the conversation right here and right now. What does our new community need? How can Isinglass Estate bring people together to make life better? What can we do to make someone else's day a little better? Big or small- it doesn't matter. Let's make the world better...